Photos are like a time machine. Some say that time travel is not possible, but I truly believe that captured moments of life can give endless possibilities to revisit places, emotions, events, people, memories.

I’m a professional photographer and I really enjoy helping out people to bend the time and to capture vibrant sides of their life through the vivid and crisp pictures.



Modern world of always seamlessly connected people. Boundaries, social boundaries vs digital boundaries.
All these is raised as the biggest concern in all hailed recent probes against FB, penalties against largest IT groups and companies. It was always before and after. Before we had written letters, big talks, small talks,  side talks, any talks. After, meaning now, we have social networks, chats, channels, always connected always shared without any boundaries even if they formally defined. The biggest impact is always in the seeds of society, children. They bear all dents and bumps in society. Reflecting all issues via their own identity and consciousness. How to balance what they see as the private boundaries and what we see. Should they react, both empathetically and rationally, how … And if we want to capture that –  could we show what they think …  

This mini-series are about it, about our kids and how they see the boundaries in the modern world. Through ironic but still natural reflections of themselves.