Imagination is more important than knowledge. – Albert Einstein –

My creative career began with the kid drawings and photographies taken by roll cameras. Since then my creation work became a way to self-development. I concentrate mostly on drawing with pencil/acrylic colors and graphical design, also photography and webdesign.
I love to reflect on the past and modern art. It inspires me as well as knowing other people, contemplating the nature and observing animals. I enjoy colorful, non-standard and passionate approaches in my arts.

My web-porfolio:


“Embraced in ellipses – Elliptic forms”

Creation is about making surprising parallels – bring out the ability to create something new by connecting old things to each other.
Sitting opposite the window and watching the awakening of nature, I closed my eyes for a moment. My imagination began to draw an ellipse, then many ellipses began to compose figures in which miraculous images of objects and animals familiar to me appeared.
This action was happening in different colors.
I liked the game of my imagination producing the figures which I wanted to transfer into real images.
I made three different designer works for the creation of which I used only the Ellipse tool in Adobe Photoshop:

1. “Clockwork Mouse”
2. “Eccentric Owl”
3. “Just another Cat”